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Alpín MacEchdach (834)

Name: Alpín MacEchdach
Father: Echdach
Mother: unknown
Relation to Charles III: 35th great-grandfather
House of: MacAlpin
Ascended to the throne: 834
Married: unknown
Children: Kenneth I and Donald I
Died: 834, killed fighting the Picts in Galloway
Buried at: unknown
Succeeded by: his son Kenneth

Gaelic King who ruled the territory of Dalriada which covered modern day Argyll, Kintyre, and various west-coast island. He may have had a Norse wife and ruled for around 3 years. He was killed in AD834 on a raiding mission in Galloway.

Founder of the House of Alpin, his sons Kenneth and Duncan became rulers of the enlarged kingdom of Alba or Scotia from which the kingdom of Scotland grew over the next two centuries.

Timeline for Alpín MacEchdach

Year Event
831Diarmait of Iona goes to Ireland with relics of St Columba
834Alpín MacEchdach killed in Galloway. His son Kenneth succeeds him.