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King Egbert (Ecgberht) (802 - 839)

Name: King Egbert (Ecgberht)
Born: c.769
Parents: Ealhmund of Kent (Father)
Relation to Charles III: 35th great-grandfather
House of: Wessex
Became King: 802
Married: Redburh of Francia
Children: Aethelwulf
Died: 839
Buried at: Winchester
Succeeded by: his son Aethelwulf

Egbert (Ecgberht in Anglo Saxon) king of Wessex (802-39), and the first Saxon king recognized as sovereign of all England . He was the son of a Kentish noble but claimed descent from Cerdic (reigned 519-34), founder of Wessex, the kingdom of the West Saxons in southern England. During the late 8th century, when King Offa of Mercia (reigned 757-96) ruled most of England, Egbert lived in exile at the court of Charlemagne. Egbert regained his kingdom in 802. He conquered the neighboring kingdoms of Kent, Cornwall, and Mercia, and by 830 he was also acknowledged as sovereign of East Anglia, Sussex, Surrey, and Northumbria and was given the title of Bretwalda (Anglo-Saxon, "ruler of the British"). During following years Egbert led expeditions against the Welsh and the Vikings. The year before his death he defeated a combined force of Danes and Cornish at Hingston Down in Cornwall. He was succeeded by his son Aethelwulf, the father of Alfred.

Timeline for King Egbert (Ecgberht)

Year Event
800Around this time the Book of Kells is written in Ireland
802Death of King Beorthric of Wessex
802Egbert returns from exile in Charlemagne and becomes King of Wessex
825King Egbert of Wessex wins a decisive victory over King Beornwulf of Mercia at Ellendun. Wessex becomes the dominant kingdom.
827Following his conquest of Mercia, Egbert controls all of England south of the Humber
829Egbert defeats the Northumbrian king at Dore near Sheffield
830Wiglif of Mercia revolts against Wessex rule
830Egbert subdues North Wales. He is recognized as overlord of other English kings
836Egbert is defeated by the Danes at Carhampton in Somerset
838Defeats Vikings and Cornish at Hingston Down in Cornwall
839Death of Egbert. He is succeeded by his son Aethelwulf