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House of Wessex - King Edwy (Eadwig)

Name: King Edwy (Eadwig)
Father: Edmund
Mother: Elgiva
Born: c.940
Ascended to the throne: November 23, 955
Crowned: January 26, 956 at Kingston-upon-Thames, aged c.15
Married: Ælgifu
Children: None
Died: October 1, 959 at Gloucester
Buried at: Gloucester

King 955-959. Reportedly murdered by Canute. Historians have not treated Eadwig well, and it is unfortunate for him that he ran afoul of the influential Bishop Dunstan early in his reign. Legend has it that his coronation had to be delayed while Dunstan dislodged him from a bed where he was lying between his sweetheart and her equally amorous Mother.

Dunstan was, after that incident, never exactly a favourite of Eadwig's, and it may be fair to say that Eadwig even hated Dunstan, for he apparently exiled him soon after this. Eadwig went on to marry Ælgifu, the girl with whom he was keeping company at the time of Dunstan's intrusion. For her part, " the strumpet" was eventually referred to as among "the most illustrious of women", and Eadwig, in his short reign, was generous in making grants to the church and other religious institutions. He died when he was barely 20.

Timeline for King Edwy (Eadwig)

955 Edwy crowned at Kingston-upon-Thames
956 Dunstan sent into exile by Edwy
957 Mercians and Northumbrians rebel against Edwy
959 Edwy dies in Gloucester