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House of Tudor - Queen Mary I

Name: Queen Mary I
Father: Henry VIII
Mother: Catherine of Aragon
Born: February 18, 1516 at Greenwich Palace
Ascended to the throne: July 19, 1553 aged 37 years
Crowned: October 1, 1553 at Westminster
Married: King Philip II of Spain, on July 25, 1554
Died: November 17, 1558 at St James Palace, Whitehall, aged 42 years, 8 months, and 29 days
Buried at: Westminster Abbey

Queen of England from 1553. She was the eldest daughter of Henry VIII by Catherine of Aragon. When Edward VI died, Mary secured the crown without difficulty in spite of the conspiracy to substitute Lady Jane Grey. In 1554 Mary married Philip II of Spain, and as a devout Roman Catholic obtained the restoration of papal supremacy and sanctioned the persecution of Protestants. The number of executions earned her the name 'Bloody Mary'. She was succeeded by her half-sister Elizabeth I.

Queen Mary I's Signature

Timeline for Queen Mary I

1553 Lady Jane Grey is proclaimed Queen by her father-in-law The Duke of Northumberland. After nine days, Mary arrives in London, Lady Jane Grey is arrested, and Mary is crowned Queen.
1554 After Mary declares her intention to marry Philip of Spain, Sir Thomas Wyatt leads a revolt to depose her.
1554 Wyatt’s rebellion is crushed. Sir Thomas Wyatt, Lady Jane Grey, and her husband are executed.
1554 Mary's half-sister Princess Elizabeth is sent to the Tower of London on suspicion of involvement in Wyatt's rebellion
1554 Mary marries Philip of Spain heir to the Spanish throne.
1554 Four months after Mary's accession, Parliament meets to re-establish Catholicism in England
1554 The persecution of Protestants begins, the heresy laws are revived, and England is reconciled to Papal authority.
1555 Protestant bishops are burned at the stake for heresy.
1555 Princess Elizabeth (later Elizabeth I) is released from the Tower of London
1556 Cardinal Reginald Pole is appointed Archbishop of Canterbury.
1556 Thomas Cranmer, former Archbishop of Canterbury, is burned at the stake for heresy.
1556 Philip becomes King Philip II of Spain; he leaves England, never to return
1557 Philip II persuades Mary to declare war on France as an ally of Spain.
1558 Port of Calais, the last English possession in France, is captured by the French.
1558 Mary dies at St.James’s Palace, London.