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King Constantine I of Scotland (863 - 877)

Name: King Constantine I of Scotland
Father: King Kenneth I
Mother: unknown
Relation to Charles III: 33rd great-grandfather
House of: MacAlpin
Ascended to the throne: 863
Married: unknown
Children: Donald II
Died: 877, in battle against the Danes at Inverdorat, Angus
Buried at: Isle of Iona
Succeeded by: his brother Aedh

Constantine (Constantín mac Cináeda) son of Kenneth MacAlpin and brother of Aedh, he became king on the death of his uncle Donald. For much of his reign he was faced with repeated attacks from Vikings including the forces of Olaf the White based in Dublin who reportedly took many Albans and Britons as slaves. Olaf besieged and sacked Dumbarton. The Strathclyde king Artgal survived, but was assassinated the following year with the connivance of Constantine.

In 875 Constantine was killed fighting the Vikings at Inverdovat, near Newport-on-Tay, Angus. He was buried on Iona and succeeded by his brother Aedh.

Timeline for King Constantine I of Scotland

Year Event
870Alt Clut, Dumbarton Rock, captured by the Norse-Gael or Viking leaders Amlaíb Conung and Ímar after six month's of siege